Solar Tax Credits


NTCIC syndicates and manages solar investment credits for commercial, municipal, residential and utility installations.

Our investment profile includes single transactions and multi-site portfolios. NTCIC investors include regional and national banks, high-net-worth trusts and insurance companies.  Since 2012, NTCIC has raised $243 million for investment in 2230 MW of solar energy production totaling $185 million in solar ITCs.


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  • We match quality solar sponsors with interested investors based on criteria important to both parties.
  • We develop strategies to achieve community impact goals.
  • We provide due diligence on the tax credit, economics, structure and technical design of the solar system.
  • We manage each transaction from initial commitment through the 5-year compliance period.


The Solar Investment Tax Credit (“ITC”) is a 30 percent federal tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties. The company or partnership that owns the solar systems can take the credit or allocate it or pass it through to their investor partners. A federal tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal income taxes. The 30% ITC is calculated based upon the appraised “fair market value” of the solar property. Since the solar ITC started in 2006, SEIA* estimates that $72 billion has been invested in solar projects nationwide and 170,000 jobs have been created.

*SEIA is a national trade association in the U.S. that  represents organizations that promote, manufacture, install and support solar energy development.

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