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  • Fund Management – NTCIC plays the role of Managing Member of multi-investment Tax Credit Funds. Fund level services include annual audited financial statements and tax returns and annual fund performance reports. Upper tier Fund Agreements typically include an approval process, underwriting guidelines and asset management procedures, all negotiated in advance of the first investment transaction.
  • Single-Transaction Management – NTCIC will provide asset management services for single-purpose LLCs, either as a nonmember manager for a transaction closed or for a “one-off” investor.
  • New Markets Transaction Management – NTCIC regularly serves as the managing member of the subCDE in a HTC/NMTC equity or a leveraged transaction. Services for NMTC projects can also include loan servicing and accounting/audits for Investment Entities.
  • Transaction Level Performance Reporting – NTCIC tailors deal level performance monitoring to the needs of each investor. Reporting for financial institutions typically includes quarterly asset reports, monthly construction reports and quarterly Watch List Reports.
  • Workouts and Legal Representation – NTCIC is experienced in the restructuring of LLC Operating Agreements when market conditions and local partner performance require it. Its staff is also experienced working with outside counsel on litigation services.
  • New Markets Compliance – NTCIC’s Asset Management staff includes a dedicated New Markets Tax Credit Compliance Officer who monitors CDE, subCDE and QALICB compliance with all NMTC regulations.

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