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  • Tax Credit Syndication – NTCIC syndicates federal and state historic (HTC), New Markets (NMTC), Low-Income Housing (LIHTC) and Renewable Energy (ITC) tax credits generated by a wide variety of projects. NTCIC consists of single-investor funds with major US corporations that invest in historic and New Markets Tax Credits as a continuous line of business. Investment property types include multifamily housing, office buildings, mixed-use properties, museums, theaters and community service facilities. NTCIC will syndicate tax credits in equity amounts as small as $1.5 million in combined credits.  Two-thirds of our transactions have been with for-profit developers and one-third with nonprofit sponsors. We also provide syndication services for “one-off” investments either with first-time or small volume HTC investors or to accommodate historic/new markets-leveraged transactions. To submit your project, please fill out this form.


  • National Trust New Markets Brokering Services – When a developer has an HTC and NMTC eligible project that needs more New Markets allocation than NTCIC has available or wishes to put into a single transaction, NTCIC will use its New Markets Brokering Service to assist developers in obtaining NMTCs from other Community Development Entities. NTCIC maintains an up-to-date CDE Database of all CDE New Markets allocations, geographic preferences, business plans and product types. Services include development of a one-page broadcast email, a detailed deal prospectus for interested CDEs and an evaluation of term sheets. Fees are largely success-based. Properties must also be eligible for either the 20 percent or 10 percent federal rehab credit. Contact us for more details.


  • Initial Deal Structuring and Tax Credit Estimates – NTCIC provides all of its prospective local development partners with upfront legal structuring advice and tax credit value estimates for properties on which it intends to issue a term sheet.

424 South Broadway, Los Angeles CA

Asset Management and Reporting – NTCIC’s asset management staff works one-on-one with local general partners to ensure a smooth equity pay-in process and timely reporting of financial performance.

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